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What happens when a manufacturer says “no”? Are your devices protected?

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Accidents happen all the time. Whether it’s dropping your latest iPhone on the ground, cracking your Chromebook screen, or stepping on your ill-placed iPad in the morning; accidents come when you least expect them. It’s one of the main reasons for protection coverage and insurance. But what happens when it’s not your fault? What happens when it’s a manufacturer’s issue but your manufacturer warranty? What happens when the manufacturer says “no”?

Samsung was in the news recently because their Note 7 phone was being recalled, and eventually cancelled. A battery cell issue caused units to overheat and ultimately explode. Samsung sprang into action, issued a recall, to quickly address the issue. Unfortunately, reports of more phones exploding with the new fix persisted. Samsung took ownership of their mistake, collected the phones and issued a refund or replacement. 

Samsung’s newest phone exploded this year. Just not in the way they wanted Photo Credit:

Another scare happened with Amarillo ISD and Acer Chromebooks. After deploying almost 4,100 Acer devices at the start of the school year, three units caught fire or severely overheated. The devices were collected and the manufacturer sent representatives to inspect all the deployed devices. Fortunately, the manufacturer reacted quickly and serviced the devices in just over a week‘s time.

In both instances the manufacturer acted quickly to satisfy their customers. However, that’s not always the case. What if there’s a short in the LCD cables of the 10,000 Chromebooks you just purchased? A year and a half goes by, and you have an LCD failure rate of 20%. The manufacturer is no longer responsible for the repair or replacement costs. Your school not only has to buy new units, but also plan to for future unit failures. This is where protecting your investment with insurance and mechanical breakdown coverage (just like an extended warranty) comes in, making sure you’re covered no matter what happens.

GoCare offers competitive coverage and prices to give you peace of mind in the worst-case scenario. We enhance that peace of mind up by providing a superior claims experience. Our claims admin portal allows you to file and track insurance claims all from one, convenient place, anytime, anywhere. 

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