Mobile Device Insurance and Personal Property plans by AKKO

Insure your new or used electronics, mobile devices and personal property, from accidents, theft & vandalism, a $49 or $99 deductible and unlimited claims!

Insure 1 phone starting at $6 per month or 1 phone + 25 non-phone devices and personal property starting at $12/month

iphone insurance and smartphone insurance

Covered Devices

We offer coverage for almost every type of device and personal property



other smartphones


Most Personal Property

misc electronics

What is Covered

Accidental Damage

Even if you accidentally drop your phone and shatter the screen, we've got you covered. Simply file a claim and send it off!

Spills & Liquids

If you drop your item in water, its likely the device will be a total lose, and could cost a substantial amount to replace. Get covered against liquid damage.

Mechanical Failure

Get covered for up to 4 years with shorter term coverage available as well.

Theft & Robbery

Theft of items from an unattended vehicle via forced entry (car break-ins) including burglary and robbery. Don't be unprotected against theft that can create a huge financial loss.


Protect against others that vandalize or damage your property including maliciousness and intentional damage.

Natural Disasters and Power Surge by Lightning

Coverage against natural disasters including fire, flood, and other natural disasters.

AKKO Reviews

AKKO beats out Squaretrade, AppleCare, and Geek Squad for best phone protection!

Coverage Benefits

New, used, refurbished, any carrier or unlocked

Low Deductibles

Starting as low as $29, get coverage with deductibles that make sense

Same Day Repairs

Get your device repaired same day at your local repair shop or Apple store!

Devices of any age

Devices and smartphones of any age, in working condition, are covered!

Fast claims process

Experience the ultimate in service with local repair, mail in, as well as loaner phones.

Chat & Email Support

Get the support you deserve with quick access to service by phone, chat or email.


Get repairs done locally and get reimbursed, as quick as same day!

26 devices. One Rate

With the AKKO plan, you can cover 1 phone plus 25 other non-phone devices!

Affordable Rates

Get coverage that has maximum value at the lowest prices!

We Protect What You Rely On

Works Just How You'd Want it To

Activate your plan within 5 minutes. Then add your items, upload pictures of them, and get protected!

Affordable coverage with tremendous value

Keep your stuff protected without worry about cost and complexity.

Cover up 25 non-phone devices for one low rate

Start out with our #1 Rated Phone Protection, then try upgrading to an AKKO Plan which protects your phone AND all your other items in one plan.

Discounts for students and families

Discounted AKKO Plan for students, lower cost and lower deductibles!

Info & FAQ

Below are the answers to some common questions we get asked. If you have any others, just ask us!

Cracked Screens
Spills & Liquid Submersion
Accidental Damage (like drops)
Damage & Malfunctions from Accidental Damage/Drops
Theft & Vandalism
Theft of items from an unattended vehicle via forced entry (car break-ins)
Fire, Flood, & Natural Disasters
Power Surge by Lightning

Your AKKO Plan covers just about any of your everyday personal items. From electronics, to clothes, to sports gear. Once registered, you can select (1) Phone + Any 25 of your belongings to load into your AKKO account that are eligible for protection. Plus, your items can be swapped out whenever you’d like.

Such as (but not limited to):

Phones (limit of (1) added per account), laptops, tablets, smartwatches, TVs, desktop computers, monitors, and more

Photography/Video equipment:
Cameras, lenses, accessories, tripods, gimbals, all other gear

Audio/Music Gear:
Speakers, electronic music instruments, DJ equipment, headphones, musical instruments, and other gear/peripherals

Videogame consoles, controllers, peripherals, VR, and more

Personal Transportation items (non-motorized):
Bikes, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, unicycles

Sports/Recreational Gear:
Skiis, snowboards, surfboards, golf clubs, tennis rackets, camping/climbing equipment, and other sports gear and accessories

Clothing & Accessories:
Clothes, jackets, shoes, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, and more

Blenders, coffee makers, microwaves, and other appliances, including the ones pre-furnished in dorms/apartments/homes you’re living/renting in

School Supplies:
Textbooks, backpack, calculators, other educational tools and items

NOTE: All plans are per individual and will only cover items that the individual member owns. Plans cannot be shared with family or friends.

Adult and Student Plan accounts may have up to (1) phone on them. To cover additional phones, purchase additional adult or student plans. There are no quantity limits for other personal electronics and eligible items you want to add to your account.

Multiple plans may be purchased at a discount with billing bundled together! (check out family plans).

Click here to see what items are not eligible for coverage

The short answer: because AKKO is using technology to make facilitating and managing protection for your stuff more efficient and cost less. Typical insurers charge really high fees on the insurance and protection plans you buy because of the work involved in processing policies and claims, as well as the cost to advertise and market the coverage to consumers.

At AKKO, we’re trying to change that so that customers can get great and affordable protection that’s simple and all-inclusive, instead of being taken advantage of by purchasing multiple protection plans and insurance for all the stuff they own individually.

Car Insurance unfortunately DOES NOT cover the items that get stolen during a vehicle break-in, it only covers damages to the vehicle itself! 

We hear from countless customers about this one… You’d think that “car” insurance would cover everything related to your car, right?

Well unfortunately, your car insurance is only that, insurance for your car including the damage it may do to other people’s property, car, or themselves.

If your car gets broken into, you’ll be on the hook for replacing any of the contents in your car which were stolen. This could be your laptop, backpack, bike, clothes, or whatever else you had in there.

You car insurance will pay for things like your broken window, or damaged door.

After you file a claim for your Apple devices, typically you’ll be directed to go to your closest Apple Store, but if you don’t live near one, or would rather go to a closer electronics repair shop, you can go there as well!

If your device has damages which one of our repair partners or a shop near you is unable to solve, we’ll help you get the work done straight through Apple.

Yup! The amount you pay when something of yours is damaged or stolen is called your “deductible.” 

It’s the amount we deduct from your payout for a claim. The reason insurance and protection plans contain a deductible is so that you are still motivated to be careful with your stuff.

But we make sure to set a deductible that’s at least easily affordable rather than the $250 – $400 deductibles on most other protection plans for phones, laptops, and other items or a renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy.

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