Our Company

Gocare Insurance

Since GoCare started in 2010, we have protected close to a million devices. We provide peace of mind to mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, teachers, students, employees and executives across the US. Our protection plans are a great value, easy to use, have transparent coverage details (no “gotcha” moments)…and we have an amazing US based customer care team!

We love taking the stress out of challenging situations for our customers and providing solutions that keep their mobile lives on track.

Our founder started out as the owner of a small repair business that was run out of his parent’s garage. During that time, the idea of offering protection plans began to take root. Once the seed was planted there was no stopping its growth and soon the small repair business was sold and the protection plan company, GoCare, was launched. The business was nurtured and continues to grow.

Our Team

As a privately owned, founder-led company we are nimble and responsive with a focus on growth through innovation. GoCare runs a lean organization with a talented, collaborative, roll-up-your sleeves management team and creative staff.

Our Customers

Gocare protection plans


Thousands of cell phone, tablet and laptop owners depend on GoCare to provide them with protection plans that are easy to use with online claim filing, quick service and loaner phones. The GoCare team is constantly adding new devices to our coverage lineup and working on creative new offerings, programs and discounts to bring a stress-free electronic life to our customers.

Gocare insurance plans


Our education partners benefit from our individualized approach to their organization’s needs. We work closely with their staff to provide protection plans with pricing and registration that meets the needs of their parents, students, teachers and administration.

Gocare plans


Large and small companies rely on GoCare to keep their staff’s phones, tablets, and laptops protected from accidental damage and theft. Our programs decrease loss of work time due to damaged or stolen devices, creating a positive impact on our corporate business partner’s efficiency and budget.

Our Mission

Offer customers device protection plans that are a good value, easy to use, and that allow them to live a life on the go. People don’t plan accidents. GoCare plans take care of them.