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BYOD Programs for K-12: The Advantages

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Schools all over the country are embracing programs known as BYOD an acronym for “bring your own device.” BYOD programs encourage students to use their own personally owned mobile devices  onto campus, devices such as laptops, cellphones, tablets and any other devices that can at least access the internet and the schools network.  In a recent 2014 survey conducted by the Center for Digital Education and National School Boards Association it was found that just within a year BYOD programs in schools jumped from 34% to an astounding 56%, as more schools begin to see the benefits.

Cost Effective: By encouraging students to bring their own mobile devices schools are reaping the benefits of cutting the costs of having to purchase the devices for each individual student, also known as “one-to-one” and instead they are able to focus their finances on students who might need the assistance for new devices the most.

Technical Education: It is vital that students learn how to use technology effectively as it will very likely play a large role in their future job experiences. BYOD programs are now giving teachers a unique opportunity to begin instructing students on how to most effectively use their mobile devices responsibly to complete tasks and retrieve information.

Ebook Access: One of the best parts about BYOD programs is that students can have within their grasps a library of extraordinary proportions; bigger than any grade school library that you have ever seen. Thousands of ebooks are available online for download from modern titles to enduring classics that students can indulge in; on and off campus.

Increased Collaboration: There are many programs and applications that make collaboration between students and teachers seamless. Google Drive for instance, lets students use the powerful Google Docs to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations from anywhere, in real-time with other students. Students will be able to learn the ins and outs of working with a team and will save a lot of paper in the process.

These are just some of the many advantages that your students will benefit from if a bring your own device program is launched at your school. BYOD is not a one-size fits all program and there are some additional aspects and models of BYOD programs to consider before finding the right fit for your school.  If educators can begin teaching students how to utilize their devices as the power tools that they are, they then can empower students to become successful citizens in the 21st century where tech will continue to flourish.

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