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Protection Matters

If your school issued device is dropped, spilled, damaged, or stops working, having a protection plan makes life a whole lot easier.


Convenient Online Claims.

Fast Turn-Around on Repairs.

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Unlimited Claims, Dedicated Support.

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Drive to the repair shop.

Wait in line or on a waiting list.

Wait for the shop to provide a quote.

Wait for the shop to repair the device.

Drive back to the repair shop.

Pay more than expected.

Sigh and wish you had insurance.

$40 - $250


Actual minimum/maximum costs will vary

Have Questions?

What is the definition for ADH or MB?
Answer Mechanical Breakdown (MB) - mechanical and electrical failures. Defective buttons or connectivity ports.

Accidental Damage (ADH) - damage from drops, such as cracks, dings, housing damage, or shattered screens. Liquid damage from spills to full submersion.

Other common coverage types

Lost (Insurance) - Lost devices. Also referred to as Mysterious Disappearance

Theft (Insurance) - devices that are stolen (meeting certain criteria)

Perils (Insurance) - Vandalism, Fire, Power Surge due to lighting, Flood, Natural Disasters. Also referred to as Standard Coverage

Burglary/Robbery (Insurance) - Devices taken by force


Your school may have selected plans that provide a variety of coverages. Please select the deductible for each type of coverage. Mechanical Breakdown (MB) has a separate deductible from Accidental Damage (ADH) and the other insurance products (Lost, Theft, Perils, Burglary/Robbery).


The coverage term shown is what has been preselected by your school.


Yes. After you purchase your coverage through a portal, you can log into your account at gocare.com and purchase coverage for additional devices. You may even save a couple bucks, by bundling your coverage.


Like other types of insurance, deductibles help reduce your cost of coverage. If your plan has a deductible, you only pay it when you file a claim.


Go to gocare.com, select “My Account” located in the top right corner, enter your email address and the password you created at the time of purchase, and click “Log In”.


You have two options to reset your password. Go to gocare.com, select “My Account” and enter your email address. Click on “forgot your password” located under the Log In button. You will receive an email to compete your password reset.

Or call our friendly Customer Care team at 855-462-2731 to request a reset.


Log into your account using your current password. Scroll down to your contact information and select “Edit”, “Change Your Password” and select “Change Password”. You will be prompted to enter your Current Password and a New Password. Click on the “Save Info” button.


Depending on how your coverage was setup by the school, either you or the school will file a claim with us. We provide a shipping label and instructions to package the device and send to our repair facility. We provide updates on the process and return of the repaired device.

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Accidents Happen

A simple accident can lead to a big headache. Here are our most common claims.


Shattered Outer casing Cracked Screen Power-On Failure Liquid Damage
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Touch Sense Malfunction Broken Display Screen Battery Failure Outer Buttons Jammed


Shattered Touch Screen Charging Port Malfunction Battery Failure Broken Speakers & Mic


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